Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us


To achieve sustainable excellence and returns in our services while ensuring cost-effective, worldwide production trade compliance with international standards and procedures.


To become one of the most reliable Garments, Software, Leather Goods and Food industries in the world.



Our company exports a variety of products to customers around the world. We offer the absolute best quality products and services out there. We have a well-organized quality assurance team that works 24/7.

Zaib Incorporation stands tall as a multifaceted organization, housing various divisions that cater to diverse industries. Within our corporate umbrella, Zaib Technologies leads the way in cutting-edge software development, pioneering innovative solutions for a dynamic digital landscape.

Zaibdot under Zaib Incorporation has been operating since 2015, providing custom apparel, leather goods, custom fabric, labels & patches, digitizing services, and special outsourcing projects. Our guarantee is to deliver the highest-grade custom products, offering free sample images for approval before production. We aim to become the world’s best supplier of custom fashion accessories and apparel, expanding our market share and identifying new products for our clients.

In the realm of gastronomy, Zaib Agro Global, another proud division of Zaib Incorporation, has emerged as a prominent figure in the Pakistani food industry for over a decade. With a specialization in importing and exporting premium commodities such as wheat, rice, corn, pulses, cereals, and more, Zaib Agro Global is synonymous with transparency, outstanding service, and a commitment to societal well-being.

Meanwhile, Vogue Jacket, a fashion-forward venture under the Zaib Incorporation banner, has become synonymous with style and quality in the realm of leather jackets. Offering a range of meticulously crafted leather apparel, Vogue Jacket has quickly established itself as a go-to choose for fashion enthusiasts seeking sophistication and durability.

Each of these entities, Zaibdot, Zaib Technologies, Zaib Agro Global, and Vogue Jacket, operates under the overarching vision and values of Zaib Incorporation. With a dedicated and passionate team, we strive for excellence in every sector we touch, leaving a lasting impression on satisfied customers. To explore the diverse offerings of our subsidiaries and experience excellence on every front, visit our corporate website at